Greetings from Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan!
Surpass HotDogg Stand opened its business on June 1, 2019, within the clothing and lifestyle retail store, Delicious, after receiving support from Delicious and other like-minded members of the community like PILEWORKS, The Welcome Store, Mountain Village Store, and HEY.
The headman behind the operation has extensive experience in the food industry as well as in fashion from when he worked as a sales associate at a major clothing retailer. He now combines his diverse history and knowledge to build a style of his own in creating the hot dogs.
The hot dog stand is not only a place for good eats.

It also offers original tees and other products in-store and online.
The items feature designs by artists from Japan and overseas commissioned especially for the shop. Each one-of-a-kind piece is made with originality that surpasses the basic restaurant souvenirs and standard garments you’ll find in clothing stores.
Surpass HotDogg Stand shares the same ideals with Delicious in that it serves to offer a lifestyle that customers can resonate with.